Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


We're excited to announce new advanced fields in our exports!
The new fields are:
  • Sub Title:
    Brief professional title or position.
  • Summary
    : A brief overview of the individual's professional background and skills.
  • Months at Current Position:
    Duration in months spent in the current role.
  • Months at Current Company:
    Duration in months spent at the current company.
  • Current Job Description:
    Description outlining the responsibilities and tasks of the current position.
  • Is Premium:
    Indicates whether the LinkedIn account is a premium (paid) subscription.
  • Open to Work:
    Specifies if the individual is open to new job opportunities.
  • Person Industry:
    The industry or sector the individual is associated with.
  • Skills:
    List professional skills and competencies.
  • Languages:
    Languages spoken or proficiently known by the individual.
  • Certifications:
    Professional certifications obtained by the individual.
  • Education:
    Academic qualifications and degrees attained.
  • Work History:
    Past employment positions.
If you want these fields activated, please contact us to enable it for you. You can do so on our live chat, or email
Wiza phone data just got a whole lot better.
We've tripled the number of cell phones in our database, with highly accurate data.
Enjoy increased coverage today anywhere you prospect.
Users can now Refresh Lists with Wiza!
Refreshing a list will check the Linkedin Profile of each contact from a search, get updated information, and re-enrich with contact information.
So if you want to redo a search, getting new results for a given search, you should still be opening the search back up, and re-exporting with the Chrome Extension.
However, if you want to update the contacts from an existing list with their most up-to-date information, you can refresh the list using this new feature!
We recommend reserving this feature for older lists, where a larger portion of the list will have new titles, companies, and emails.
Let us know what you think!
Wiza's CSV upload now allows you to upload a list of Linkedin URL's, and retrieve up-to-date, enriched data on your contacts!
We'll check the profile for the most up-to-date data, and use our industry-leading contact information finding engine to also enrich that contact.
Give it a try today!
You might have noticed our new UI. We've refreshed our look, and hopefully, made things easier to use.
If you have any feedback, let us know in our live chat.
We're excited to announce that our Zapier integration is now live in beta within the Wiza App.
Connect Wiza with over 5000+ apps through the 'Integrate' page within your Wiza account. The possibilities are endless!
We've just added SSO through Okta to Wiza! If you're interested in adding this to your team Wiza account, please get in touch with our sales team through our live chat or email
We're super excited to launch the new Wiza Chrome Extension today!
With this update, finding contact information on Linkedin gets even more powerful.
After finding a lead's contact information, you can quickly and easily save the lead to a new list within your Wiza dashboard, complete with over 30 data points on your prospect.
You'll also notice a new 'Sync' button. When this is selected, your lead will be sent straight to your CRM that's integrated with your Wiza account.
This update makes finding contact information on Linkedin a breeze, give it a try now!
CRM Mapping can now be enforced teamwide by admins.
To do this, head to Integrate -> Setup -> Settings, then simply toggle the 'Apply my CRM settings to all users on this account'. Now all existing and future users within your team will automatically inherit your mapping settings.
Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 4
Welcome to Wiza 2.0! This update features a brand new look and feel that's quicker than ever before. We've also added some game-changing functionality:
  • Team Accounts (invite your team, share lists, pool credits)
  • Custom CRM Mapping (set your exact CRM rules before syncing)
  • All new contacts browser
  • Phone numbers can now be added to any export
So much has changed, so check out this video overview of the update: